Flash drives have been a big security issue lately due to the amount of media being stolen via USB drives. However, many people still ignore them until their data is on the wrong hands. It is now time to make your life safer once again because we are going to reveal 5 easy flash drive hacks that will help you get your information back without worrying about your information getting in the wrong hands ever again. Read on to find out more.

Don’t deal with cold coffee anymore: Convert a dead (or dying) computer into a USB flash drive using this simple method. See here, step by step instructions on how to do this flash drive hacks and put an end to dead coffee table coffee forever. Just make sure to use a quality product like RedSew for the conversion because it has been specifically designed to be used with flash drives.

Get a hold of some reverse mobile phone trace. Ever been bothered about that? It’s basically where a hacker (or somebody who needs to gain access to your wireless networks) can get all your call records, text messages, emails and all the rest of the juicy personal details that they can use to start dialing other people’s phones over again and stealing your identity. This is exactly why it is important for you to learn how to use the right software to trace a mobile phone using its SIM card. Luckily, there are very easy and reliable soft copies of this software online which you can easily purchase and install on your usb flash drives.

Flash Drive Hacks

Hack your password into your email inbox. Have you ever wondered if your password was actually ever hacked? Did you know that it’s quite possible to hack into your email account and change all of the passwords you use to sign up for accounts and even change your homepage and all of the background information as well? You can avoid this by having a USB flash drive or any other storage device which you can keep secret even from your closest friends and loved ones. Then, whenever you need to send an important email, just attach this hidden USB flash drive or other storage device and send what you want by just clicking on a button.

Hijack auto dialer. Ever had problems with a certain telephone number calling you every single time you answer it? It could be that the owner of this number is using a mobile phone reverse directory and is getting all of these calls through his own network. To avoid this, just get hold of a USB flash drive or any other storage device, create a folder on it and then plug in the mobile number of the owner of the number into this folder.

Boot disk password protection. You don’t even have to buy another flash drive – there are several mini flash drives which you can plug into an unused USB port and use them to store information, such as passwords and other personal data which you would rather not give to just anybody. When you do need to retrieve any information from these flash drives, instead of typing in your password into the computer, you just take the USB flash drive out of your computer and plug it into the USB port of the mini flash drive, and the stored data is copied to your computer without having to type in a password.

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