If you are new to Coding, then you might be wondering where to start. There are so many coding challenges out there, and it is hard to know where to begin & which are the best coding challenge websites to practice on.

To help you on your coding journey, we have updated our list of the best coding challenge websites and updated them with new information and new challenges.

If you want to learn more about a code challenge platform, then these websites are a great place to start.

  1. International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)

ICPC is a famous programming competition renowned the world over. It has been in existence since 1977 and has been regulated by the ACM as the governing authority.

In the contest, all the participants must be in teams. Each team constitutes three participants representing a particular university.

The competition is further divided into four levels, namely:

  • Local contest
  • Regional contest
  • Regional championships
  • World finals

In the contest, each team is given 5 hours to come up with solutions to 10 programming problems. They use C, C++, Kotlin, and Python programming languages.

  1. TopCoder

TopCoder is yet another thrilling programming platform for the online audience. There are no minimum requirements for joining the TopCoder Community, and anyone can join.

Here, the competition is divided into four significant categories, namely:

  • Design – mainly focuses on Information Architecture while incorporating UI/CX/US Design
  • Development – participants here primarily focus on Bug Bash, F2F, UI Prototyping and Quality Assurance
  • Data science – here, participants deal with Data Visualization, Data Science Sprint among others
  • Competitive programming – participants here are challenged to Single Round Matches, which are offered every week. Participants battle each other and see who can complete the most problems in a short amount of time.
  1. CodeChef

In this platform, all participants are treated to various challenges geared towards sharpening their programming skills. Therefore, aspiring programmers are encouraged to sign up for this website.

CodeChef conducts competitions each month and further organizes smaller programming contests midway into the month and at the end of the month.

Participants can submit their solutions in any language of their choosing.

In addition, CodeChef produces algorithm tutorials and discussion forums to simplify the programming journey, especially for beginners.

When in the competition, participants are given points that enable them to move up the ranks.

  1. Coderbyte

Here, participants are handed are healthy treat of up to over 300 coding challenges.

The competitors solve these problems using online editors that employ ten popular programming languages.

After completing the challenges, one can access the official solution, and there are over 1.5 million solutions available on this website.

They further provide articles that are useful in solving similar problems in the future.

Coderbyte is a recommended website by many companies and bootcamps because of its comprehensive collection of challenges.

It is also suitable for beginners who do not have much experience coding.

  1. Edabit

Edabit is a relatively new platform but has come a long way since it was developed.

The website offers over 4000 challenges to its participants, and you can solve these problems online and in the language of your choosing.

However, Edabit only offers challenges that are online interactive. They do not currently have articles, discussion boards, solutions, or mock interviews like other sites.

This website is especially beneficial for beginners who are looking to get started on their programming journey.

It has bite-sized challenges that will sharpen a beginner’s mind. In addition, Edabit is entirely free of any charge.

  1. HackerRank

If you want to improve your ability to solve data structures and algorithms problems, HackerRank is the platform for you. The website has a discussion board for each problem, interview prep material, and other solutions to help any user.

They also have other challenges that deal with topics such as AI, Functional programming, and even SQL.

It is best suited for intermediate to advanced developers. It is thus not best for beginners because it has more complex problems.

The challenges here are written in a mathematical notation and thus can prove to be confusing.

All the challenges and solutions offered are free.

  1. Codewars

Codewars is a popular website in the programming community. They have a broad range of programming challenges that are offered online.

The user can use over 20 programming languages which are all applicable.

After completing the challenge, a solution is offered in the form of a discussion and elaboration so you can grasp the concept.

The user earns points according to the number of challenges completed.

It is best suited for beginners and those in an intermediate phase.

The website is free, but the user can pay a premium subscription fee to access cool features.

Best Coding Challenge Websites Summary

Every programmer’s dream is to rise from a beginner to an intermediate and, finally, an advanced professional. However, it takes time and practice to perfect these skills. Therefore, the websites included above can help sharpen one’s skills in programming.