Cyber Security in 2021

Cyber security is becoming increasingly important within our present digital age and it’s important that even normal every day internet users at the very least understand how to protect themselves from falling victim to online scams or attackers.

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What we do

ISSAA started out as a standardisation organisation, which over the years has slowly shifted focus away and into the cyber security niche. We provide in-depth articles and guides on how people can stay safe when online and how aspiring penetration testers and cybersecurity experts can hone their skills.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the heart of any cybersecurity defence mechanism. Single-handedly one of the best methods to pinpoint vulnerabilities within a network infrastructure.

Social Engineering

The art of convincing people to hand over sensitive information through various different methods. Attackers usually opt for this method before planning an attack on a network.

Penetration Testing Tools

We provide our readers with guides and tips on the best penetration testing tools available on the market today, with a lot of them used by industry-leading experts in cybersecurity.

Is Cyber Security still important?

Without a shadow of a doubt.

With a rise in online activity also comes a rise in online crime. Online crime is often thought to be easier to get away with and in some cases, it can be. 

It’s essentially that everyone online at least understands the basics and can protect themselves should anything bad ever happen to your website, system or even personal home computer.


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Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber threat intelligence service, or threat intelligence, is the statistical data analysis that an organisation uses to understand the threats they are currently facing. This information is essential in the preparation, prevention, and detection of cyberthreats targeted against the business. Having such information puts the organisation at an advantage in the face of limitless challenges that face the business daily and helps them build an effective defense mechanism and mitigate the threats that might damage their reputation and profit margins. It is, therefore, vital to understand how cyber threat intelligence services work and how best to employ these skills in your organization by choosing the right cyber threat tools and solutions to protect your business.

Top threat intelligence platforms

Rootshell Security

This platform allows businesses to visualise their vulnerabilities in real-time,
allowing them to identify and prioritise the most critical issues across their entire estate.

Key Features

  • See your vulnerabilities in real-time
  • Consolidate your threat intelligence data
  • Assess the resilience of your organisation’s security
  • CTI Services Include Typo-Squatting

IBM X-Force Exchange

This is a joint cloud-based threat intelligence platform that enables cybersecurity personnel to study indicators and react faster to the system’s threats. It combines human intelligence with worldwide …

Bonding Treiber und Libteam

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In the IT industry, teams are built on the basis of various IT solutions, and this is due to the fact that the teams have to collaborate with one another in order to ensure the overall success of...