Cyber Security in 2021

Cyber security is becoming increasingly important within our present digital age and it’s important that even normal every day internet users at the very least understand how to protect themselves from falling victim to online scams or attackers.

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ISSAA started out as a standardisation organisation, which over the years has slowly shifted focus away and into the cyber security niche. We provide in-depth articles and guides on how people can stay safe when online and how aspiring penetration testers and cybersecurity experts can hone their skills.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the heart of any cybersecurity defence mechanism. Single-handedly one of the best methods to pinpoint vulnerabilities within a network infrastructure.

Social Engineering

The art of convincing people to hand over sensitive information through various different methods. Attackers usually opt for this method before planning an attack on a network.

Penetration Testing Tools

We provide our readers with guides and tips on the best penetration testing tools available on the market today, with a lot of them used by industry-leading experts in cybersecurity.

Is Cyber Security still important?

Without a shadow of a doubt.

With a rise in online activity also comes a rise in online crime. Online crime is often thought to be easier to get away with and in some cases, it can be. 

It’s essentially that everyone online at least understands the basics and can protect themselves should anything bad ever happen to your website, system or even personal home computer.


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Risks of Clinical Trials

Risks of Clinical Trials

With the advancement in technology, the use of clinical trials in medical science is skyrocketing. But, besides enormous benefits, there are some potential risks of clinical trials. Thanks to regulated clinical trials that facilitate the development process of new treatments and drugs for diseases and help scientists scale their efficacy on the human body. 

Clinical trials are crucial for the invention of new interventions and agents, and it may take several years to complete a study following the initial success. 

In this post, we will review the advantages and common risks of clinical trials. 

Clinical Trial: Definition

Clinical trials are a form of research that can help medical researchers and drug companies better understand how a new treatment works and its effects on the human body. 

Volunteered by human participants, these trials focus on assessing a surgical, behavioral, or medical intervention and enriching medical knowledge. 

A controlled clinical study consists of four phases:

  • Phase 1: The research is carried out on around 50-60 participants and aims to evaluate the best practices to give a new treatment, its after-effects, safety, etc.
  • Phase 2: Scientists study on 100-300 volunteers and evaluate the short-term efficiency of the medicine, determine the most effective
Diesel Bug: How to Prevent Diesel Fuel Contamination

Diesel Bug: How to Prevent Diesel Fuel Contamination

Are you experiencing frequent issues with your diesel engine and suspecting it is running on fuel tainted with microbes and diesel bug? 

When microbial degradation of diesel fuel causes 80% of engine malfunction, taking proper preventive measures to check diesel bugs is crucial. Be sure to use the best diesel bug test kit to check your fuel regularly.

If left untreated, they may wreak havoc in your diesel-powered engine, causing complete system disruption and making you struggle with the mounting cost! 

In this post, we will cover common diesel contamination causes and how to prevent diesel bugs.

What is a Diesel Bug?

Diesel bugs are microorganisms and their succeeding reaction products that cause microbial contamination in biodiesel and feed on the nutrients, water, and hydrocarbons in the fuel. 

They look like blackish or dark brown thick concentrated slime or sludge-like buildup. They exist between the layers of diesel and water in the storage tank and smell like rotten eggs. 

Types of Diesel Bugs

Including some airborne microscopic species, there are around 100 microbes that can contaminate diesel fuel and cause engine breakdowns. 

Some leading types are:


  • It is a 0.3-0.6 mm single-cell microorganism that can deteriorate diesel quality drastically.
Types of Thermocouples

Types of Thermocouples

There are many different types of thermocouple available today. So how do you know which one to use?

The type of thermocouple you need depends on the application and the temperature range you need to measure. Here are a few of the most common thermocouple types.

Common Types of Thermocouple

Each type of thermocouple has its unique characteristics that differ in durability, chemical resistance, application compatibility and vibration resistance.

We have type R, S and B thermocouples which are noble metal thermocouples used in high-temperature applications. We also have type K thermocouple, J, T and E, the most common ones, base metals.

Thermocouples are usually protected in a special wrapper that isolates them from the normal atmosphere. The sheath ensures that when in use, the thermocouple will give the correct temperature readings. It also offers protection against corrosion.

Each type of thermocouple is classified by an alloy. When two metals join together at two junctions, they create an emf.

An ASTM e230 is an example of a thermocouple standard and you can get it from an ANSI web store.

1. Type R Thermocouple

This type of thermocouple is used to measure high temperatures in different applications. It is costly …