System Security
Assurance Architecture

Working Group


Documents from August 9, 2005 Meeting

  • ISSAA Draft17 (09Aug05) (doc)

  • Mapping Information and Systems to Security Categories

Draft as of August 8, 2005

Documents from January 25, 2005 Meeting

  • NIST IIA Presentation (ppt)

  • ISSAA Draft v12.2 (27Jan05) (doc)

  • Scott Ankrum ISSAA Definitions (28Jan05) (doc)

  • Ron Ross Presentation to DOD IA Workshop
    (07Feb05) (ppt)

  • Scott Ankrum "HelpWanted" List (07Feb05) (txt)

  • Ankrum_ISSAA v12.0_JLV_1_22_05 jim.doc

  • Ankrum_ISSAA v12.1.doc

Older Drafting

  • Main Document 27Aug04 (doc)

  • Model Section 27Aug04 (doc)

  • Definitions Section 26Aug04 (doc)


  • #1 (05May04) (doc)

  • Sample Standard (pdf)

  • Draft Standard Style Sheet (html)

  • Draft Sections

  • Potential Second Draft (21Jun04) -Alicia Clay (doc)

  • Potential Second Draft (21Jun04) -Stuart Katzke (doc)
    (Does not incorporate Purpose and Conformance
    sections below, but these will be blended into this.)

  • Purpose (html) - Jim Veneziano

  • Conformance (doc) - Scott Ankrum

  • Candidates for Related Standards

    • SP800-60 (doc) - Scott Ankrum

    • FIPS 199 (no doc, yet) - Jack Cole


  • P1700 Project Authorization Request (PAR)

  • Stu's Response Message on Threats (doc)

OLD E-Mail Archive


  • ISSCA (ppt)

  • Readiness and Risk - Trusting Artifacts of the Future Military Enterprise Architecture (ppt)

  • "Big Picture" (ppt)

  • Vision for WG (doc)

  • Architecture (ppt)


  • NIST Security C&A Web Site

  • IEEE Working Group Slides on Patents (ppt)

Unsolicited Input

  • NCES Trust Framework (doc, 2MB)

Responses, Reviews

  • Does the ISSAA apply to Autonomic (adaptive) systems?
    version 3 (doc) - Stu Katzke

  • NCES Trust Response (doc) - Stu Katzke

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